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Environmental Health/Safety - Cleveland, OH

Alan Detki - Vice-President - Information Technology
(In Memoriam 1951-2019)


To develop a career in business application software programming where my practical experience, excellent theoretical background, proven reliability, established dependability and assertiveness are a prerequisite.


Graduated from Cleveland State University with an undergraduate degree in Business Information Systems (BA). Completed an Associates Degree in Electronics from Electronic Technical Institute. Graduated Cum Laude (3.51) from ETI.


Information Systems Supports, Inc., Chesapeake, Virginia Click Here To View Appreciation Letter
Secret Clearance required as System Analyst/Programmer
*Government Certified NT Administrator
*NT Lan Administration, for a 3 server complex.
*ccMail Administration for ship to shore Emailing
*Lotus Notes Release 5.0.8 for management of documentation, status reporting, Milestones and proof of Concept.
*Installation of various types of software: Sybase, ccMail, VIM32, BDE 5.11 Administrator
*Create ODBC's for all databases used within this application
*Creation of scripts and batch files to automate this process

RL Enterprizes, Inc., Virginia Beach, Virginia Office
BFE, Inc's. CEO is contracted as Vice-President - Information Technology
*Document Management, Archiving, and Storage Software sales and support.
*Web Base Interface design and support.
*ISO 9000 implementation and training.

USA Information Systems, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Senior System Programmer/Analyst
*Web Base Document Management.
*Access and Visual Basic 6.0
*Web Enablement and Web Application Development 6.0

Consultant Caci, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Senior System Analyst
*Develop Application for military travel, which handles orders and funding.
*Currently converting in house Foxpro Reports to Crystal Reports and new reports.
*Heavily, involved in the conversion of dos based application to Visual Foxpro 6.0

BFE Inc. - Family Business - CEO, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Developing application for vehicle tracking which allows user to track a vehicle from cradle to grave. This is being constructed in Visual Foxpro 6.0

Consultant Ajilon/Self, Mayfield Hts., Ohio
*Develop Application that has photo catalog using treeview for navigation.

Integrated Logistics Solutions, Euclid, Ohio
Business System Analyst (PC Application Development)
*Develop PC applications for all business function
*Developed company Quality Assurance application
*Developed Application(s) convert mainframe reports to MS Office file types
*Using Visual FoxPro 6.0 and Access and PowerBuilder
*PC support person(s) management (5 people)
*Lead the research and development of company Y2K plan
*Implement Y2K plan

Bailey Controls Co., Wickliffe, Ohio
Senior Technical Specialist of Engineering Support Department.
*Program automation utilities for the department using FoxPro, Dbase III+ and C Language.
*Work in Unix & VMS (DEC) environment using operating system commands and third-party software packages such as Ripcam and Oracle.
*Responsible for handling all computer problems, both hardware and network related. This involved managing 8 people and recommendation of hardware.
*Responsible for all training for new hires, updates of current employees, and customers.
*Handle customer related problems, and technical support. Sales of automated packaging systems and equipment.

Actual Projects:
Merck,Sharpe and Dhome (NJ)
Kamyr Batch Receipe with automatic fuel switching and dual firing.

Alabama Electric Corp (AEC)
Compressed Air Turbine 9 point pressure average with volume calculations to handle automatic regeneration of cavern pressure.

Petrovess of Switerzland
Automatic processing of petroleum to gasoline

Pacific Gas and Electric, Tennesse Valley Authority
Power Generation with automatic power switch based on current load.