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Environmental Health/Safety - Cleveland, OH

Larry Paul Teasley, PHD, REM, CESM, CIPS, CIT
(In Memoriam 1946-2016)
EHS Professional/Colleague and EHS Association Committee Member with whom
RL Enterprizes, Inc.'s President/CEO associates with

06/15/2000 to 05/31/2006, Environmental Director, GS-0028 -12.

NAF Misawa Japan . APO, AP 96319-5000, CAPT. RW Radloff, USN, CO, 315-226-3005.

1. Department Head with budget responsibility for $300K program. Responsible for 17 environmental programs for 28 assigned navy units under my area of responsibility.
2. Supervise 4 military and 3 local national employees.
3. Navy On-Scene Coordinator (NOSC) for naval spills in northern Japan that includes six prefectures and three outlying stations. Conduct on water and land based response training for a 25 person joint force spill response team.
4. Train and supervise environmental quality assessment team. I document and track inspection results to completion.
5. Navy representative to base Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Council (ESOHC). Co-Chairman of the base Joint Hazardous Materials Management Process (HMMP) Team. Senior Navy member of Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation team.
6. Coordinate 10 environmental events using 1000 volunteers from base and local community. Environmental outreach program includes six major local communities with a total population over 100,000.
7. Navy member on 35 FW/IG Exercise Evaluation Team. Design and conduct base wide hazardous material, mass casualty, and non-combatant and safe haven response exercises. Coordinate navy participation.
8. Command Emergency Management Officer . Train command staff on the NIMS Incident Command System and continuity of command procedures.
9. Conduct hazardous material, waste and emergency management training classes to include documentation, message reporting, updating plans, and response coordination.
10. Supervise the operation of e joint hazardous materials pharmacy and the hazardous waste facility.
11. Reserve officer liaison for active duty officers assigned for training assignments from Commander Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, HI.
12. Instituted free issue of HM to reduce disposal cost, saving estimated $10,000.00 per year.
13. Conducted risk analysis and reduced or consolidated HW accumulation points by 25%.
14. Implemented the use of electronic based management plans, reduced duplication to save estimated $50,000.00 in consultant and duplication cost.

12/15/1998 to 06/15/2000, NOSC/Emergency Manager, GS-0028 -12.

Commander, Navy Region Hawaii . Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-5000, Chief of Staff, 808-471-4785.

1. Regional Navy On-Scene Coordinator (NOSC) for environmental spills within Hawaiian Islands, Palmara and Johnson Islands.
2. Design, conduct and evaluated five regional oil spill exercises in conjunction with the US Coast Guard Captain of the Port, US EPA Region IX, the State of Hawaii, the County and City of Honolulu, and the County of Kawai.
3. Regional Disaster Preparedness Officer . Member of the Hawaii State Civil Defense Joint Committee. Design, conduct, and evaluate Navy participation in joint State/DOD exercises for response to natural and man-made disasters, mass casualty, and Chem-Bio or Terrorist attacks. Conducted 4 joint DOD exercises for support of civilian authorities.
4. Certified Domestic Terrorism trainer for Incident Commanders.
5. Supervised three Navy Emergency Liaison Officers (NEPLO) during active duty for training.
6. Coordinated COMNAVSURFPAC/MIDPAC emergency deployment of navy ships home ported at Pearl Harbor to areas of safe haven.
7. Provided on-water spill training for Harbor Master and the Naval Base Pearl Harbor spill response team.
8. Conducted Incident Command training for staff with focus on working with local news media.
9. Attended DOD Emergency Preparedness Course.

09/15/1989 to 12/15/1998, Supervisor, Environmental Training, GS-0028 -12.

CG, Marine Corps Base, Okinawa Japan . FPO, AP 96373-5006, Facility Engineer, 315-645-3275.

1. Supervised three military, two USCS, and three Japanese MLC employees.
2. Designed and taught environmental compliance and emergency response courses for over 5,000 USMC, USN, USAF, and USA personnel.
3. Coordinated development of joint emergency training team comprised of civilian, USAF and USMC trainers. Taught courses at the Awareness, Ops, Tech, and Incident Commander level for spill and emergency response teams.
4. Conducted Environmental Compliance inspections . Coordinated follow-up actions to close out discrepancies.
5. Instructor for Central Texas College . Taught State and Federal Government, Organizational Management, and Hazardous Materials I and II.
6. Managed a joint services emergency training facility.
7. Operated three (3) hazardous waste storage facilities to support 14 USMC bases in Okinawa, including two remote facilities at Northern Training Area.
8. On-scene coordinator for USMC spills in Okinawa.
9. Subject matter expert (SME) for creation of USMC MOS 9595, Hazardous Materials/Waste SNCO and Officer.
10. Conducted environmental training classes for MCAS Iwakuni and HQ BN, Camp Fuji.
11. Conducted Environmental Compliance Evaluations at 14 USMC bases in Okinawa.


Doctorate Degree PHD, 2004, Environmental Science, GPA 3.6, Belford University
MPA, 1993, Public Administration, GPA 3.6, University of Oklahoma
BS, 1985, Management, GPA 3.4, Wayland Baptist University
Madison High School, GED, 1964.


1. Introduction to ARCview GIS, 32 hrs, May 2002, ESRI/Titan Corporation.
2. ISO 14000 Design & Implementation, 32 hrs, March 2000, RL Environmental Consulting & Training, Inc.
3. Incident Command for Emergency Response, 24 hrs, April 2000, The McCloskey Group, Inc.
4. Environmental Compliance Assessment Course, 32 hrs, June 2001, AF Institute of Technology.
5. Navy On-Scene Coordinator/Facility Incident Commander, 40 hrs, Naval Occupational Safety and Health, and Environmental Training Center.
6. Oil Spill Response, 24 hrs., SUPSAL/PCCI, Inc.
7. Equal Employment Opportunity, 24 hrs, June 1997, HRO Camp Butler, Okinawa Japan.
8. Environmental Law, 16 hrs, October 1992, CPO, COMFLTACTS Yokosuka, Japan.
9. DOD Emergency Preparedness Course, 40 hrs, February 2000, HQ, USA Forces Command.


1. Performance awards 1991 through 2006.
2. Meritorious Civilian Service Medal, January 1993 and 2006.
3. CNO Environmental Award, Overseas Command, June 2000.
4. SECNAV/CNO Environmental Award, Overseas Command, June 2003.
5. Japanese Prime Minister's Zenko Kai Community Service Award, 2002 (Environmental Department), 2004 (Command) and 2006 (Personal award for sustained support of the Zenko Kai organization.)


1. Registered Environmental Manager (REM), #5808, July 1993, National Registry of Environmental Professionals, Glenview, IL 60025-2068.
2. Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT), #93-003, May 1993, National Environmental, Health, and Safety Training Association, Phoenix, AZ 85016-2344.
3. Certified Environmental Systems Manager (CESM), #1559, April 2000, National Registry of Environmental Professionals, Glenview, IL 60025-2068.
4. Certified Infrastructure Preparedness Specialist (CIPS) #01402, September 2005, National Registry of Environmental Professionals, Office of Infrastructure Preparedness, Glenview, IL 60025-2068.
5. Hazardous Materials Technician Trainer, #113693, May 1993, Joint Firefighting School, Goodfellow, AFB, TX,  76908-4206.
6. Hazardous Materials Incident Commander Trainer, #113692, May 1993, Joint Firefighting School, Goodfellow, AFB, TX, 76908-4206.


1. National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP).
2. National Environmental, Health, and Safety Training Association (NEHSTA).
3. American Society of Public Administrators (ASPA).
4. American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).
5. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).