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Environmental Health/Safety - Cleveland, OH

William N. Hansard , CIPS, CESM, CIT, CHMM, REA
EHS Professional/Colleague and EHS Association Committee Member with whom
RL Enterprizes, Inc.'s President/CEO associates with

Mr. Hansard has almost 30 years of experience in the field of environmental management. He currently provides senior level management and overall design and supervision of site cleanup and pollution abatement projects. His main areas of expertise are wastewater management and the management and conduct of RCRA RFI/CM, CERCLA RI/FS, UST CM and voluntary site investigations, and cleanup activities. This experience includes conceptual, process, and detail designs for environmental projects; preparation of project plans and specifications; bid solicitation and award recommendations; contractor supervision, performance evaluation, field modifications, and clean closure certification.

Mr. Hansard is a NETA Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT), a California Registered Environmental Assessor (REA) and a Master Level Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). Mr. Hansard also holds a Tennessee Class IV wastewater operator certification and is a Registered Professional Environmentalist (RPE) in Tennessee.

Mr. Hansard has successfully completed the following projects:

  • Turnkey management for the asbestos abatement and demolition of a chemical plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The project involved the preparation of plans and specifications for the removal of chrysotile asbestos pipe insulation and exterior transite asbestos from the manufacturing plant and for plant demolition. Mr. Hansard then solicited bids for the project, recommended bid awards, provided the NESHAPS notification and liaison with regulatory agencies, supervised contractor performance, and certified project acceptance to the principal parties and regulatory agencies.
  • Project Manager for the comprehensive environmental audit of a large GOCO DOD facility in Maryland. Facility operated 131 air emission sources, 7 permitted NPDES outfalls, 8 hazardous waste storage areas and numerous other waste management units at the various manufacturing buildings at the site. Audit included an assessment of environmental management, labor, and information system concerns.
  • Project Manager for the audit of a major naval air station in a California desert. Major environmental liability issues were discovered including the extensive presence of friable asbestos in buildings; regional ground water contamination from on-site SWMUs; wastewater and air discharge violations; improper storage, management and disposal of hazardous wastes; approximately 150 leaking USTs and other problems. This project involved extensive evaluation, quantification, planning, and assessment for this military base.
  • Asbestos abatement for a former Packard automobile dealership in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Hansard prepared the plans and specifications for the project, bid the work, and supervised the contractors for this job.
  • Corporate PCB removal for an aggregates, asphalt and mining company with over 100 facilities in 5 states. Mr. Hansard personally performed PCB spill cleanups, retrofilled PCB transformers, subcontracted for PCB capacitor and transformer equipment replacement, designed and installed PCB storage areas and monitoring programs. Mr. Hansard also provided technical and engineering services for the removal and closure of over 200 USTs for this company.
  • A current project involves PCB remediation at a large manufacturing facility in Kentucky and involves PCB remediation for ground water, storm water and wastewater and equipment decontamination.
  • RCRA closure of a chemical plant and wastewater treatment plant equalization basins. A major specialty organics chemical manufacturing plant had employed two unlined, interim status, lagoons as equalization basins in its wastewater treatment train for over 20 years. In that time over 24,000 cubic yards of high strength organic sludge had accumulated in the lagoons. The site had been declared a superfund site and was undergoing the RI/FS process.
  • Wetlands Determination and Environmental Impact Statement for a chemical plant. The National Wetlands Inventory identified plant drainage ditches and its wastewater treatment facilities as wetlands subject to the Corps of Engineers regulations for wetlands. Prior to redevelopment of the site, the National Wetlands Inventory needed to be amended, and a land use variance sought. Mr. Hansard was tasked to revise the wetlands delineation and to prepare an environmental impact statement for the installation and operation of the proposed hazardous waste incinerator.
  • The closure of two lagoons and a landfill containing electroplating sludges and wastewater in East Tennessee. Project involved laboratory and field-scale solidification treatability studies, the preparation of site cleanup plans and specifications, and liaison with regulatory agencies.
  • Project Manager for a contaminated storm water discharge remediation project for the world's largest staple rayon manufacturing facility located in Alabama. Project included identification and analysis of all storm water discharges, identification of points of process contamination and ground contamination and remedial engineering and construction. Project also included an industrial waste survey.
  • Project Manager for the evaluation of a proposed hazardous waste landfill site in Missouri. Site investigations included surface and subsurface, soils, ground water, surface water, leachate, air quality, logistic, and aesthetic considerations. Worked with Missouri and Federal regulatory agencies in preliminary evaluations and permit applications.
  • Plant Manager for the startup and troubleshooting of a 10 MGD surface water treatment plant in Texas. Project involved operator training, redesign of certain systems, troubleshooting instrument loops and computer programs, startup and troubleshooting of process equipment and controls.
  • Project Manager for the evaluation of hazardous and liquid wastes generated by an expanded polystyrene facility in Norway. Project included an industrial waste survey, identification of sources and quantities of liquid, solid, and hazardous wastes, and conceptual design of treatment and control facilities.
  • Utility Manager for the City of Manchester, Tennessee. Project included design of a new 5 MGD oxidation ditch activated sludge plant for the community, securing funding for the project including local operating revenues, municipal bonds, state and Federal matching loans, and Federal grants.

B.S. Biology - Austin Peay State University, 1974
Graduate Courses, Environmental Engineering - Vanderbilt University

Registered Professional Environmentalist, Tennessee
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM)
Registered Environmental Assessor, California (REA)
Certified Instructional Trainer (CIT)
Certified Wastewater Facility Operator, Class IV

Water Pollution Control Federation
Tennessee Water and Wastewater Association
Tennessee-Kentucky Water Pollution Control Federation
National Environmental Training Association
Institute of Hazardous Materials Management
Who's Who In The Southeast

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