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Environmental Health/Safety - Cleveland, OH
ISO 14001 Design/Implementation/Auditing with National Registry Environmental Professional Certified Environmental System Manager (CESM) Exam Syllabus

Our 2-Day ISO 14001 Design, Implementation and Auditing program will focus on ISO-14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems while incorporating the United States' Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Law of the Land. The fundamentals of designing, implementing and auditing an environmental management system for your company, necessary to meet the growing competitive demand for compliance with ISO-14001 and other international standards. Workshops cover the key elements of the ISO-14001 standard as these relate to training and the EMS system. The EMS auditing case study will cover the key components of auditing an internal EMS per ISO-14001:2004, ISO-14010, ISO-14011, ISO-14012 and ISO-19011:2002 standards.

The National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP) accredits our 2-Day ISO 14001 Design, Implementation and Auditing program. NREP's Certified Environmental Systems Manager (CESM) Credentialing Program Exam may be given at the end of our 2-Day ISO 14001:2004 Design, Implementation and Auditing program. NREP's application fee is $150.00 for their CESM Exam. The National Environmental Safety and Health Training Association (NESHTA), the Institute of Hazardous Materials Managers (IHMM) and NREP allow professional development and membership maintenance points for our 2-Day ISO 14001:2004 Design, Implementation and Auditing program. This course provides 1.5 CEU's. If the CESM exam is taken, the CEU's are 1.7.

2-Day ISO 14001 Design, Implementation and Auditing/NREP's CESM Workshop Outline

Introduction and Course Objective

ISO 14001 History/E.O. 13148

ISO-14001:2004 Definitions

Environmental Management Systems

     - Environmental Management Systems General Requirements

Environmental Management Systems Environmental Policy
     - Guidelines for an appropriate environmental policy
     - Pollution Prevention commitment
     - EHS compliance commitment
     - How to communicate an environmental policy

Environmental Management Systems Planning
     - Guidelines for the identification of environmental aspects/impacts
     - EHS compliance/EMS compliance
     - Objectives, targets and programs
     - Development of an organizational chart
     - Guidelines for amendments for new developments

Environmental Management Systems Implementation and Operation
     - Specific management representatives
     - Resource, roles, responsibility and authority
     - Competence, training and awareness
     - Communication
     - Documentation/Control of documents
     - Emergency preparedness and response

Environmental Management Systems Checking
     - Monitoring and measurement procedures
     - Track performance
     - EHS compliance/EMS compliance
     - Procedures for non-conformity(ies), corrective action and preventive action
     - Record retention
     - EMS/EHS audits

Environmental Management Systems Management Review
     - Involvement of top management
     - Review of EMS conformity
     - Address EMS audit results

Continual Improvement
     - Guidelines for the improvement in overall environmental performance
     - Consistent with environmental policy
     - Commitment to continual improvement

Environmental Management Systems Sample Outline Workshop


Environmental Management Systems Internal Auditing Review
     - Planning and Preparation
     - Audit Skills and Techniques
     - EMS Auditing Case Study Workshop/Overview
     - ISO-14010, ISO-14011, ISO-14012 & ISO-19011:2002 Overview
     - EMS Audit Reporting & EMS Audit Team Reporting
     - ISO-14001 Auditing Checklist Overview
     - Preparation for EMS Audit Closing Meeting
     - Closing Remarks

Environmental Management Systems Implementation Action Plan Summary
     Evaluate EHS and Business Management System
     Environmental Policy Development
     Gap Analysis ISO 14001
     Environmental Aspect/Impact Analysis
     Compose Objectives, Targets and Programs
     Construct ISO 14001 EMS Manual
     Plan, Do, Check, Act Review Process

Finalized Version ISO-14001:2004 EMS Specification

Finalized Version ISO-14004:2004 EMS Guidelines

ISO-14010 Guidelines for Environmental Auditing
     - General Principles

ISO-14011 Guidelines for Environmental Auditing
     - Audit Procedures
     - Auditing of Environmental Management Systems

ISO-14012 Guidelines for Environmental Auditors
     - Qualification Criteria for Environmental Auditors

ISO-19011:2002 Guidelines for Quality/Environmental Auditing
     - Audit Procedures
     - Auditing of Quality/Environmental Management Systems

NREP's CESM Exam administered on the third day 8:30am-10:30am.