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Environmental Health/Safety - Cleveland, OH
Hazardous Waste Awareness Syllabus

Our 2 Hour Hazardous Waste Awareness for Generators program is intended for all employees handling and managing hazardous waste. The course can be customized and incorporates hazardous waste generator requirements; segregation, labeling; container management; Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, labeling, placarding, and waste shipment paperwork. The training teaches employees how to perform their duties in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 40 CFR 262 generator standards. This training program meets with the Department of Transportation (DOT) 49 CFR 173 shipping standards and 49 CFR 172.700 training standards.

The following outlines represent a proposed curriculum:

Hazardous Waste Awareness

Regulatory Overview

  • Introduction to RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act)
  • Discussion of Federal Register, CFR and State references

Hazardous Waste Identification

  • Identification of Federal, State and non-hazardous waste
  • Hazardous waste generated at your company

Accumulation and Storage of Hazardous Waste

  • Storage and satellite accumulation requirements for hazardous waste as per Federal and State requirements
  • Generator status as it effects generation and accumulation of waste
  • Segregation of incompatible wastes
  • Bulking of compatible materials
  • Labeling and marking waste containers
  • Inspection records

DOT Shipping Communication Requirements (covering HM-181 and HM-215A/B/C)

  • Selecting a DOT shipping description
  • New DOT labels, markings and placards
  • UN Packaging requirements

Manifesting and Land Ban Disposal Restrictions

  • Instructions for properly completing a manifest
  • Mailing and record keeping of manifest copies
  • Exception reports
  • Land ban restriction summary

First Responder Awareness

Regulation Overview & Hazard Identification
Review OSHA hazardous waste operations and emergency response activities Final Rule 29 CFR 1910.120, with emphasis on Level I First Responder Awareness requirements. Discuss how labeling systems: NFPA and HMIS, DOT labels and placards, and hazardous waste markings help determine the hazards associated with a hazardous material.

Chemical Hazards
Explain how to identify chemical and physical characteristics of materials and how to recognize hazardous situations using background and on-site information.

Emergency Response Procedures
Describe the priorities and steps for your company's Emergency Response Plan. Understand how to work within your company's incident command system given the responsibilities and limitations at the awareness level.

The review of these procedures will provide a basic understanding of the advanced level of training required to conduct a proper spill cleanup. Awareness level limitations will be emphasized to avoid potential confusion. The criteria for additional resources will also be discussed.