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Environmental Health/Safety - Cleveland, OH
3-Day ISO 14001 EMS Internal Auditor Course Syllabus

Our 3-Day ISO 14000 EMS Internal Auditors Course will focus on ISO-14001 Environmental Management Systems while incorporating the United States' Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Law of the Land. The fundamentals of auditing an environmental management system for your company, necessary to meet the growing competitive demand for compliance with ISO-14001. Workshops and a case study will cover the key components of the ISO-14001 standard as these relate to auditing an internal EMS.

The course curriculum will be performance based per ISO-14001, ISO-14010, ISO-14011 and ISO-14012 requirements for your current ISO, AS, QS 9000 Internal Auditors. The plan of instruction consists of informal lectures, slide presentation, video, combined with competency-based workshops that enable trainees to demonstrate proficiency with the acquired knowledge.

The program consists of the following:

Introduction and Course Objectives

Environmental Management Systems

Inside ISO-14000
- History
- Definitions
- Introduction to ISO-14001

Environmental Management Systems Internal Auditing
- Planning and Preparation
- ISO-14001 Checklist exercise #1
- Audit Skills and Techniques
- EMS Case Study Workshop/Overview
- ISO-14010, ISO-14011 & ISO-14012 Overview
- EMS Audit Reporting & EMS Audit Team Reporting exercise #2
- ISO-14001 Checklist Overview
- Preparation for EMS Audit Closing Meeting
- EMS Audit Closing Meeting exercise #3
- Closing Remarks